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Some updates

ok.. haven't update LJ for a long time (for months i think) -_-a
well.. a few months.. and lots of things happened!

like.. I ATTENT ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 in Taipei
I really enjoyed the concert and love ARASHI so much, even until now (almost a month after the concert) I can't get over the Arashi Fever.
I've met new friends because of the Concert, even through we do not come from the same country (we don't even speak the same language!!) but I'm really happy to hang out with them!

I spent a lot for the concert too! T_T (well.. can someone tell how to NOT spending money in a Johnny's Concert)
I made my own AIBA uchiwa, I bought the concert merchandises..(the group poster is now up in my room.. XD)...etc

but but but... if time goes back, i will do the same thing again! (or maybe i might spend more? :P)

ARASHI is really really really GREAT!

Their songs, their performance, their dance, their interaction with fans... etc.

i just can't stop thinking about them now.

oh.. and.. there's something i must say

AIBA CHAN IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha... i'll upload some photos here maybe? (although i don't think anyone's read my LJ)


Another Theme!

I do not have many friends who is madly in love with johnny's artists, so I normally can't talk about KAT-TUN/Johnny's stuffs with my friends.
Luckily, one of my best friend who is also interested in KAT-TUN!! So every time we met, we talk about the latest news of KAT-TUN non-stop. lol

June 19 was her "18th" birthday (its a lie, but let's just pretend she's really 18), I sent her a mms with the follow picture.

I think its pretty obvious that who's her fav. member in KAT-TUN. lol

Besides the mms, i also made a  mobile phone theme for her. (Of course, its an Akanishi Jin theme.)

I made the theme to be black and white (just like my Kame theme)

Big thanks to people in livejournal. I got the pictures from their pic spam posts!!
(I can't remember who they are.... but i'll try to find out!!!)
One of the picture was from an icon made by marie153rd, i just change the picture to be black and white. 

Kame Theme

My internet quota reached the download limit last sat, so our internet speed was reduced to 56k.
Since i can't do much with such a slow connection, i decided to make a mobile theme for myself.
(i have seen a lot nice NEWS mobile themes recently, so I was so tempted to make one for myself too!)

With the help of the theme creator and photoshop, I have a KAME (Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN) theme!

My kame theme! (for SE Z610i)

The theme colour is black, white and grey. (this made a lot easier on choosing the colours for the backgrounds/buttons/text/titles)
All the photos used are from my KAME collections, they mainly comes from "Google Image search" and people from LJ. I can only rem i got quite a lot pictures from xlolitsnozomix. She posted a KAME picture spam a few days ago.

I use photoshop to edit the photos (cropping to the correct size, changing the picture to black & white)
I also made sms alert and ring tones from Kame's new song w/o notice. (using GoldWave)

well.. i'm pretty happy with the theme. just can't stop smiling/laughing/drooling whenever i use my phone.

planning to do a AKAME theme next!


My first LJ entry

My first LJ entry.

maybe i will keep this place to talk about all my "craziness" on japanese & korean artists (maybe some others too?)

I used to be a very big fan of the Korean group - H.O.T (they are Kang Ta, Tony An, Moon Hee Jun, Jang Woo Hyuk & Lee Jae Won).
(when I was... 17? lol)

For the japan side,

I like Johnny's Entertainment artists, Especially KAT-TUN and NEWS.
My fav member in KAT-TUN is Kame, Yamapi & Tegoshi for NEWS.
Oh.. I like Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuuri too! (they are from Hey! Say! Jump.)
But my friend always complain that they are under age and I shouldn't be crazy over little kids

oh ya.. after i join LJ, i started to collect icons. So many talented people here who create nice icons, wallpapers, mobile phone themes...etc
i guess i'll need to get a bigger hard-disk soon. -_-a

if you also like H.O.T, KAT-TUN, NEWS, HSJ or anything about japan & korea....
be my friend... ok? lol


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